Product name:Express envelope

Specification: W350 x L285 + 50mm, W250 x L160 + 40mm

Color: White

Material: Paper board

  • Product introduction
  • Product name: Express envelope


    1).Multi-purpose packaging solution: with its multi-functional design and solid structure, mailing envelope has a wide range of applications; Use them to mail documents, photos, magazines and other items.2

    2).Self-adhesive function: mailing envelope with efficient self-adhesive seal; This function adds a layer of convenience to your packaging process, without additional tape or glue, making packaging fast and easy; Just insert the contents, peel them off and seal them.

    3).Convenient opening: The mailing envelope has a red tear-off tape at the seal, which can be easily opened without tools.

    4).Reliable materials: mailing envelope is made of paper board, providing a solid packaging solution; This function can ensure the integrity of the package during the whole transportation process, so that your items can be kept in good condition when delivered.



    W350 x L285 + 50mm

    W250 x L160 + 40mm

    2).Color: White

    3).Material: Paperboard


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