Product name:Express bag

Specification: W245 x L320+50mm, W310 x L420+50mm

Color: White on the outside, black on the inside

Material: PE

  • Product introduction
  • Product Name: Express bag


    1).Durable and Reliable: Mailing bags are equipped with strong self-sealing tape that is tamper-proof. The thick material makes it abrasion-resistant, puncture-proof and waterproof. Millions of e-commerce retailers around the world use our couriers to ship items to their customers.

    2).Convenient and Economical: Shipping bags are an economical alternative to standard packaging and help keep customers' belongings safe. Shipping bags are ideal for transporting lightweight and non-fragile products such as apparel, accessories, shirts, shoes, etc.

    3).Provides Confidentiality: Opaque materials are the best choice for protecting your privacy!



    W245 x L320+50mm

    W310 x L420+50mm

    2).Color: White on the outside, black on the inside

    3).Thickness: 60μ

    4).Material: PE


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