Product name:Sealing adhesive tape

Specification: Width 48mm, thickness 50μ, single coil length 66m

Color: Transparent white, transparent yellow, red, green

Material: OPP

  • Product introduction
  • Product Name: Sealing adhesive tape


    1).Premium Quality: Our tape is very good in thickness and toughness, will not tear or split easily. Perfect long lasting bonding range in performance for shipping and storage in hot/cold temperatures. Provides excellent holding power for normal, economy or heavy-duty packaging and shipping supplies.

    2).Excellent Adhesive: With strong BOPP acrylic adhesive, the sturdy tape sticks very well and holds boxes together. General purpose, lightweight, affordable and meets postal, courier, shipping regulations for shipping and packaging.

    3).Easy TUse: This transparent tape is suitable for all standard tape dispensers and tape guns. You also tear with your hand. 

    4).Wide Application: Apply at the depot and office use. The tape could be used for shipping, packaging, box and carton sealing.

    Specifications of transparent white & transparent yellow:

    1).Width: 48mm

    2).Thickness: 50u

    3).Length: 66m/roll

    4).Material: OPP


    Specifications of red & green:

    1).Width: 48mm

    2).Thickness: 50u

    3).Length: 66m/roll

    4).Material: PVC


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