Product name:Marking/Warning Tape

Specification: Width: 50mm

Color: Yellow, yellow+black

Material: PVC

  • Product introduction
  • Product name: Marking/Warning Tape


    1).Promote workplace safety. Can be adhered to dry surfaces and used to mark hazards, divide spaces, create pathways or provide directions.

    2).The tape is long lasting and won't wear out. Made from high quality, durable and waterproof PVC vinyl, these marking tapes won't bleed or wear out in high traffic areas, so they don't need to be replaced as often.

    3).Easily applied to a variety of surfaces. Whether your surface is rough, smooth, irregular, convex or curved, marking tape can solve them. No special floor preparation is required. Just use a regular cleaner to clean the floor.

    4).No more cumbersome cleanup. The tape stays on the floor and has a smooth surface so cleaning or mopping is a breeze. Plus, removal wont leave messy residue or damage the floor.

    Specifications of yellow marking tape:

    1).Width: 50mm

    2).Thickness: 130u

    3).Length: 33m/Roll

    4).Material: PVC


    Specifications of warning tape:

    1).Width: 50mm

    2).Thickness: 130u

    3).Length: 33m/Roll

    4).Material: PVC


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