Product name:Thermal paper Lable

Specification: 30x50 mm, 50x200 mm, 100x150 mm, 100x200 mm

Color: White

Material: 70 GSM thermal paper + 40 GSM base paper

  • Product introduction
  • Product Name: Thermal Paper Label


    1).Versatile Applications: These premium quality direct thermal labels are perfect for a wide range of applications, including shipping boxes, inventory management, and more.

    2).Reasonable Design: The perforated design allows for easy separation, making labeling a breeze. 

    3).Fade Resistant & Reliable: Enjoy clear and legible printing with these labels that are designed to resist fading, smudges, and scratches, ensuring your labels remain visible and intact.

    4).Compatibility with Most Label Printers: These labels are specifically designed to be compatible with most label printers, allowing for seamless integration into your existing printing setup.

    5).Premium Adhesive & Protection: The labels feature a strong adhesive that ensures secure attachment to various surfaces. Additionally, they are easy to peel off when needed, while offering protection against moisture and other external factors.


    1). 30x50mm, 2000 Pieces/Roll

    30x50mm  2000每卷  (1).jpg

    2). 50x200mm, 150 Pieces/Roll 

    50x200mm  150每卷 (1).jpg

    3).103x150mm ,500 Pieces/Roll

    103x150mm  500每卷 (1).jpg

    4).103x200mm, 250 Pieces/Roll

    103x200mm  250每卷 (1).jpg

    5).103x150mm,2000 Pieces/Stack

    103x150mm 500每叠 (1).jpg

    6).103x150mm,500 Pieces/Stack

    103x150mm 2000每叠.jpg

    7).103x200mm,2000 Pieces/Stack

    103x150mm 500每叠 (2).jpg

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